About The GEMS Group

Managing a business often means juggling many different and varied tasks and having expertise in a wide variety of business functions. The advise of a skilled HR professional can be priceless, but can you afford to keep such experience on staff full time?

Developing a partnership with an experienced human resource management consultant who can bring a wealth of information and expertise when you need it. It also provides an independent and objective point of view to your people management issue adding value to your business.

The GEMS Group can help you:

  • Develop large scale, legally compliant, corporate initiatives
  • Implement successful HR policies and practices
  • Investigate sensitive employee complaints
  • Train managers, HR professionals and employees
  • Implement Affirmative Action Programs

We have been at the forefront in addressing HR and business challenges on a national level:

  • Influencing issues that affect business and HR professionals today through service on national & government task forces regarding public policy issues
  • Addressing national HR, industry & legal forums, including the American Bar Association
  • Authoring articles and white papers for professional publications

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